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Fox is developing an animated adaptation of Noelle Stevenson's comic.

If you haven't read Nimona, you should get on it. It's so much fun, and Fox has the film rights and is currently developing a film adaptation. Way to go! It's rare that an indie artist gets this kind of opportunity. It often feels like DC and Marvel are the only two comic book publishers in the world, but it's simply not true. And since it seems like the comic book adaptations are going to keep on coming, do we think it might be time for a different publisher to step up?

I would love to see an adaptation of Fatale!

From Image Comics, the series is kind of Lovecraftian, kind of a spy thriller, and 100% valid critique of the way women are portrayed on screen and in comics. It's awesome. And it would make a great film (or film trilogy, I'm not picky).
As much as I love Marvel and DC, I'd love to see a different perspective being brought to the screen. There are plenty of other comics that could be adapted, and I'm sure I can't name them all. Does anyone else have a comic that's not from one of the bigger houses they would love to see adapted?
@DigitalJediX it's all good! Looking forward to seeing you again soon ^_^
Hey guys! Apologies for not being around. Work has been killer these last two weeks. I'll be around a lot more this weekend.
@shannobl5, never heard of Nimona..
@Megamind it's really great! I definitely recommend it! I think it'll make a really good film adaptation.
Obligatory: Black Widow of course
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