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Here's a fun question to kick off the weekend!

If you had to pick between Superman's Fortress of Solitude and Iron Man's Avengers Tower, where would you choose to live? Bear in mind: The Fortress of Solitude is probably outside of every Seamless delivery zone, but the view from Avengers Tower is probably obscured by New York City smog almost every day of the week. So, where would you pick?
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probably the avengers tower only because more than everything I've always wanted to live in New York city
@chris98vamg @Taigara lol sounds like Tony Stark needs to build us all a new wing!
These two places are completly different. Should compare Wayne's creepy mansion instead. Alfread will please everyone.
@BleuRayRayHo oooh lol maybe I'll do that one next time! I swear, sometimes when I'm in one of those rush hour trains a Fortress of Solitude sounds really attractive...