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When the Royal Canadian Mountain Police discovered a Facebook event for underage freshman “froshes” they decided to come.

And they brought snacks.

Canadian students are allowed to drink at 19, though most that RSVPed were only 18. The police wanted to educate the students about safe drinking and partying, so they RSVPed to the event and instead of busting them, they brought snacks and passed them out to the students.
The party turned into a fun interaction with the police instead of the cops busting the partygoers for their drinking (which could lead up to a $1050 Canadian dollar fine). Talk about a sweet deal!
I think I’ll invite the police to my next party. Last time, no one brought chips!
The cops brought two choices of Doritos: Nacho and Cool Ranch, and passed them out in fun sized bags.
Looks like these cops really like “Chips” ;)
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Thanks for getting my joke @danidee! I knew I could count on you
This is the best story ever. Make sure you load up on carbs before you party haha
That what I do @mchlyang! I like to make a giant grilled cheese before I go out. lol
@nicolejb! This story would have been so much more wonderful if the cops brought grilled cheese to the party!
you are so right @mchlyang