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I have no idea what this game is saying all I know is that I have seen the anime and that I love it and I found out there was a game and I got it on my emulator and it was in Japanese no surprise there since all the better games are there well here is the outcome of a true story part 1 haha jk but for reals check it out
this actually looks pretty cool. I've never actually seen Hajime no Ippo but I've heard of it and heard good things. how do oyu know the enemy health? I don't see a health bar for him
#VinMcCarthy no but spirit is needed because in the show spirit is suppose to be the key to boxing something that most boxers have forgotten and ippo has tons of it because he was bullied and wanted to become something of himself and we'll it's a long story maybe I'll make a post about the anime :)
hmm interesting. so the higher your spirit goes, the more down the other guy is? cause that oranfge bar is tied in to the spirit number
#VinMcCarthy that orange thing is basically the life I believe and it's such an awesome show if you watch it you would never want it to end