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When asked about the controversial song title, Del Rey said it was something that her boyfriend, Kassidy frontman Barrie-James O'Neill and claimed: "I have a Scottish boyfriend, and that's just what he says!" Part of the ongoing Sex Music series.
Absolutely! She's one of my favorite contemporary arists right now. I'll be posting more stuff from her later on. My goal for the Sex Music collection is to introduce as many as possible the lesser known songs and artists who deserves more love than they do right now.
Thanks for introducing her. Hope to see you publish more cards for her. :)
Haha, glad that you guys like it. It's one of her unreleased tracks. Everytime I think that I've found all the songs from her, more pops up. The girl's ridiculously talented.
You were right. It's a fantastic song and she does have a great voice. It matches the sensuality of the lyrics. (^_^)
i like her voice its different, very gravely but sultry at the same time....AND...she is very beautiful, i didnt realize that was her in the vid....btw, i had to look up the lyrics and title to this song because i couldnt believe my ears and eyes that the song is called "P**sy", wow extremely racy indeed especially hearing the lyrics, "my p**sy taste like pepsi cola", what?!?...made me blush listening to this song, lolz....thanks for sharing....i like her
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