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This simple, sweet bourbon cocktail is bursting with the flavors of fall. One sip, and you're immediately transported to a sunny apple orchard, where all your back-to-school cares will melt away, and be replaced by thoughts of hayrides, hot cider, and Halloween.

Bourbon & Apple Cider Cocktail

Recipe adapted from Creative Culinary / Drink photos by Creative Culinary
2 parts apple cider, chilled
2 parts ginger ale, chilled
1 part bourbon
Combine apple cider and bourbon and mix. Fill glass with crushed ice. Top with with ginger ale, and serve garnished with an apple slice. So simple!

Doesn't it sounds just perfect for an autumn evening?

Try serving as a light fall aperitif, with a slice of pumpkin pie, or alongside some pork chops and over-roasted acorn squash.
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I am a big whisky fan. Generally, I do prefer it neat, no frills, though sometimes I'll strike out for a Whiskey sour or something. this actually look fantastic. I'm not always super keen on whiskey cocktails, but I think with apple cider actually makes a lot of sense. I'd go for some real cider - there's an orchard nearby my friend's place that makes some bomb-ass cider in the fall.
@VinMcCarthy you're a whiskey man, right? What do you think of this cocktail?? Or are you more of a "neat" kind of guy?
Mmmm that sounds amazing. Homemade cider? Sign me up!! @VinMcCarthy