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The Pope has landed in the U.S. and he’s chilling with the President, traveling around and meeting other Catholic leaders in the U.S. The Pope has a lot of influence not only in the Catholic Church, but also is respected around the world.
We may know a lot about his politics, believes, and teachings. BUT did you know that the Pope is actually the coolest?!
Yep, I’ve got the evidence.

He used to be a bouncer.

When he was in school in Buenos Aries, he worked in a bar to help pay for his studies.

He has a pretty rad sense of humor.

He’s known for making really silly jokes to even the most serious of cardinals. He also plays along with the crowds of people that love him.

He has some cool hobbies: tango and soccer.

Yeah, that’s right. The Pope likes to tango, and makes sure he is always able to watch his favorite teams play soccer.

He LOVES Tolkien

The Pope is particularly fond of Frodo and Bilbo.
(shoutout to @danidee. Did you know it’s Tolkien week?)

Even after being the leader of the Catholic Church, being followed by many, and being named Time magazines "Person of the Year" in 2013, he still remains humble.

Welcome to the U.S. Pope Francis!

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finallllllly a pope that is more for the people and less for just the catholic higher ups!! did you know that he use to sneak out of the Vatican at night to feed and help the hungry and his body guards had to always go looking for him.
2 years ago·Reply
I heard that was just a rumor @LIZArnone, but I can TOTALLY still see him doing that. he hates all the security he gets and always wants to be in the crowd.
2 years ago·Reply
I know right. Thinking of starting a new Pope for President campaign @mchyang and @jokes, care to join?
2 years ago·Reply
BOUNCER POPE??? Oh man, I bet he's got all sorts of stories.
2 years ago·Reply
He just blesses them instead of kicking them out of the bar... @danidee hahaha
2 years ago·Reply