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Look, I'm not asking for much here. I don't need to be an idol or to have millions of fans cheering for me. I don't need to make a lot of money. I just want to get to enjoy a simple life, where I can enjoy the music and idols that I love.

So, every entertainment company out there, give me a call if you want to hire me!

#1: Backup Dancer!

I know that many backup dancers are trainees within companies (that's why you can find videos of some idols as backup dancers before they debuted), but there are backup dancers that are part of other dance companies!
Crazy and HI-TECH are both dance crews that work under YG and are backup dancers fro so many of their stages. Jellyfish usually works with Nana School. Every company has some group they work with.
I love dancing and have been dancing since I was little! It would be fun to get to do something I love (dance!) and also get to be part of the production that goes into one of my favorite parts of Kpop: the live stages!

#2: A Coordi or Manager!

You don't even have to pay me. Just feed me and give me a room and I'll do this job for a summer. It'll be like an unpaid internship, except I'll make sure our idols are all sweat free and hydrated for their performances! And fed. And happy. And present. Boy, these people do A LOT for everyone!!!!
(But actually, I don't know if I'm cut out for this job. I'd feel too creepy!!!)

#3: The English Copywriter

Just let me sit around and let your people know when their chosen English isn't going to fly. I'm your girl! It's my one real skill: I can speak English! Sometimes, I can speak it well! Let me help your English make sense. No more weird lyrics, SM....B1A4....everybody. I can subtitle your videos in a way that makes sense, too (looking at you, Jellyfish).
Heck, I can even be an English teacher if you want!

Just FEED ME and HOUSE ME and I'll do this all FOR FREE!!!!!

But I mean, you can pay me if you want.

What job do you want in kpop?!

The last one is what I really wish for!!!馃槆 I really wish there was a way for me to be hired as a translator or sth. 馃槱馃槱+since English isn't my mother tongue, I can also translate to my mother tongue!!! see! two birds with one stone!!!馃槈馃槈
I'm all for that last job! All I need is food and shelter as well. 馃槏
How do you get a job like that in the first place? :o I want one! :D
@BluBear07 hahaha yay! let's go together~ @Mikim000 That's even more awesome! I'm not any good at singing so I can't hahah. I hope you get the chance!
i want to audition for one.of the compaines
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