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Nerd Dating: GamerDate

{For the sake of this card, I'm going to operate within a male frame of reference. Not to be exclusionary, but because that's where my experience lies.}

So you've managed to get to the point in your courtship of some lovely human being where you two are comfortable enough that you're gonna do a stay-in date. It's understandable, it's cool. Not every date has to be one where you go out and spend a bunch of money on food or drink or entertainment; some of the best dates are one's where you prepare a nice meal and some easy, quiet home-based entertainment.
(Plus hey, you're bedroom's closer, right? Eh? Eh? Alright, sorry.)
So this lovely person has told you that they're into videogames. Dope! You love videogames! But that's when you start to worry a little bit. What should the [no pun intended] gameplan be?
Don't freak out. The way I see it, you've got a few options.

Play a Co-Operative Game

So for the first time you two play together, maybe you should set it up so that you're actually playing together. After all, team work makes the dream work, right? At this point, you've already built up some rapport, so cooperation shouldn't be too difficult. Plus, playing co-op will give you a sense of how this person might act as part of a two-person unit in real life. Obviously, not all of the nuances of gameplay transfer to real life, but you'll at least understand this person's headspace better.
Then again, you might not want to put the frustrating pressure of relying on another person in order to complete a task together so soon. You don't know that they're good enough to keep up with them or vice-versa, and someone might wind up with feelings hurt or just frustrated at being bogged down.
If that's the case...

Play Against Each Other

Maybe you don't want this person to think you're not taking them seriously, or that you're afraid of their MaD SkILlzZ, yo. So instead of going for the co-op game, you go for the competitive versus title instead. Some of the best camraderie comes out of healthy competition. This way you'll get to size your partner up based on how they play; are they aggressive? Are they passive? Do they engage hard, or stand back? There are a lot of interpretations to these actions.
Or maybe this isn't such a great idea either? You've been on both sides of games like this. If someone takes the definitive upper hand consistently, then the other person is going to just disengage completely and feel at least a little bit salty about the whole situation. Nobody likes to lose 5 games in a row. And you can't just toss them a mercy win after a streak like that, they'll know what you're up to.
Ah, so you're in a bit of a pickle. Hmm, maybe try...

Take Turns Playing a Single Player Title

Okay, so maybe multiplayer just has too many variables to consider. You don't want to put too much pressure on your new romantic friend, so maybe it would be best to just go real old school with it. Just take turns playing a single player title. This way you both get equal chance to play and eat your food in front of the TV (if that's what you're into). You also get to see the way your new beau plays games. Do they play thoroughly? Do they just run through the map all helter-skelter? It might give you some sense of how they'll be in the relationship. Maybe. Either way, you should be a gentleman, give them the first try.
And yet... what if they miss important details because they don't look around the room in its entirety? What if they consistently get lost? Or backtrack too much? What if they make incosistent karma choices? What if they never die, so you don't get a turn? What if you don't die, so they don't get a turn? What if they don't like how you play? What if they get bored?
Oh man... I guess the best option then has to be...

Let Them Pick

Hell, all of those options can be pretty scary, or not. You cooked dinner, right? Have them make the entertainment decision. Let them puzzle the options and determine what poison to pick.
What ever decision is made, though, put all those dumb, doubting thoughts away. They like you enough to get this far into the relationship.
So relax and play some damn games.
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@mchlyang "If you beat your girlfriend (you probably will)..." You are dating the wrong girl gamers, yo. I love to play a fighting game against a guy. I'll see his true colors when I BEAT HIM. On the occasion that I don't, I grit my teeth and try again. If your gf is getting Truly whiny just because she lost, she isn't a gamer. *fistbumps @LAVONYORK*
2 years ago·Reply
@ButterflyBlu Well, I guess I've been dating the wrong girls all these years then haha
2 years ago·Reply
@Lavonyork that's pretty dope, as far as relationship dynamics go. and you definitely should so thart I can help you out! Though in general I do suggest avoiding pre-orders outright. (also there's an H in my last name lol)
2 years ago·Reply
I agree with the bulk of this, co-op in one of my previous relationships worked but in another didn't, playing against the gf i co-oped with though was a bad idea cuz I like to rush my opponent and I always won and when I played differently and still won (or lost) it wasn't any better lol I need to try the sharing a single player game though
2 years ago·Reply
this is all great advice, maybe someday I'll actually talk to a girl and if I get this far I'll use it
2 years ago·Reply