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You're here now. The moment you have between making out and actually, you know, doing it is upon you. You have a big decision to make here. As you get undressed, you could slyly swing over to your computer where you've been playing your make out playlist and switch to something more, well, appropriate.
Unlike the last list, you don't need a whole playlist of songs. You just need one. One will set the proper mood, let them know you're still a hip-hipster, and that you're serious when it comes to what is about to happen. Any of the following songs will definitely fulfill all of these needs. Choose wisely. Well, you don't really have to, they're all pretty good.

Rolling Stones -- Beast of Burden

If you didn't have this song already in mind for yourself, then maybe you shouldn't be having sex in the first place... Nah, I'm just kidding. But Mick Jagger and the rest of those guys I can't remember the names of will help you set the proper mood for you and your person. Plus, it'll let your sex partner know that you're really into music. Like, damn kid, you're listening to this random-ass Stones song? You're cool let's keep kissing, they'll think. And you'll kiss all the way to the bank... or something.

Little Dragon -- Crystalfilm

If you're looking for something a little more modern, then Little Dragon's Crystalfilm is the song for you. That constant back beat will get both of your hearts pumping in unison. And I don't mean to get too graphic here but feeling someone's pulse through the skin on their chest is something that everyone needs to experience. This song'll definitely do it. Not to mention that the only people who've heard of this band are sweaty hipsters that play on their mom's computers to make music, so you'll be really, really cool for sharing this song with your sex person.

Animal Collective -- My Girls

This is very important. Only pick this song if you were both doing weird drugs or drinking so much it feels like you were doing weird drugs. The opening is so long and so insane anyone sober listening to this will immediately start thinking about math and the meaning of life. It's not something that would get a normal human being (me, probably, maybe) ready to rock steady, if you know what I mean. But if a sober person is totally into this song in a sexual way, then maybe you should leave the room immediately because that's a fucking insane human being.

Toro y Moi -- Still Sound

It was really hard for me to single out a Toro y Moi song because -- literally -- all of them are perfect of love making or sex having or ear grabbing. Still Sound in particular, though, has such a great bass line, you could totally, like, do whatever the fuck you want (I mean dancing, please don't literally do whatever the fuck you want without asking first, that's rude) and be the sexiest person in the room. You can move, you can groove, and I'm pretty sure your partner would be into all those sweet maneuvers you got going while this song is playing.

Leon Bridges -- River

This. This is a heavy hitter. You don't play this song for a person you don't plan on calling the next morning or a person you just met at the pub, no way. You play this song for someone you really, really, care about. This song is strictly for someone you are madly, deeply, truly, and wholly in love with.
They'll come home from work, you'll cook them dinner, you'll share stories about your day over glasses of wine. You'll pull the record out (record because of course you have this on vinyl, you're not a peasant) and start playing this song. You'll tell them to come up to you and you'll start slow dancing. Then soft, romantic kisses. And you'll make love. Leon Bridges will take you there, you just have to take the first step.
You did it, kid. I'm proud of you. You made the right choice and hopefully now, you're tugging on an e-cigarette or whatever your post-sex ritual is, laughing the night away, your partner around your arm, smiling. You're the best.
Beast of Burden and River. Just... Yes. ^.^
(Sorry. Apparently I had more to say. Lol) Among so many others... Right? Because music is just so important!! I think, though, for me, that if a guy takes the time to set the mood with music, that Becomes the right song - unless it's something crude and profane. Eh, I think you know what I mean... ?
by which I mean that you picked some pretty out-there music. your partner will absolutely recognize you as a hip-hipster and proceed to jump your bones. I have to specify my appreciation for the Toro y Moi song. For whatever reason, when I listen to his music I feel like maybe, possibly, I could love myself one day.
Having sex to Animal Collective. I don't even know how to feel about that. It'd be like doin' it with Brian Wilson in an insanely high-powered blender.
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