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Dogs make rainbows, starshine & love burst out of my chest. I could never ever hide it or hold it in. That's how I know it's true love.
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@VinMcCarthy Awwwwww! Awesome! Rolling greens & roaming dogs. Sounds like utopia! :-)
@VinMcCarthy Lol. I just had a flashback and clicked to something. By rolling greens I did mean the scenery.
Aw this makes me miss my puppies Missy and Bunny, A golden retriever and a Bassett hound. The Gambler was my beagle. Loved all three of them. :,) Hope to get a dog once I move, but for the mean time I have Miss.Tuffsey, the worst cat in the wrold.
Lol. I mysteriously developed a cat allergy when I was 12...Awwww. Intensely loved & miss my dogs too, Moses (beagle also) & Jet (border collie). Was always some kind of hilarity going on with those 2. I can just imagine the same with your crew. :-)
@MissB82 hahaha I'm a fan of rolling greens. all types of rolling greens. lol