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When you're hitting that final stretch of your workout and your motivation hits zero, what can you do to keep going? Here are a few helpful tips to defeat thoughts of giving up, and keep going when the going gets tough.

Envision your goal.

Why did you start working out in the first place? What are you working towards?

Give yourself a pep talk.

"Come on, Alli. You can do this. Just five more minutes. You got this, girl!"

Think positive.

Believe in your power to change your life for the better. It hurts now, but the results will be SO worth it!

Look forward to the endorphin high.

You know how amazing it feels after a workout, when endorphins are flooding your brain and your body is glowing from the inside out. Chase that feeling.

Set small goals.

Can you make it 10 more seconds? Sure. Can you make it as far as that stop sign? Easy. Setting small goals will break your workout into manageable pieces, and every time you achieve one, the small victory will spur you along.

What keeps you motivated in tough times? Share and inspire your fellow Vinglers!

Because circumstances don't dictate champions, right? ;)
Feel the Burn!
I’m ALL about that endorphin high! haha I just remind myself that I’m going to feel so good so soon :) and that helps SO much! I also just like to tell myself that my body can do this, it’s only my mind that says I can’t.
Lol @mchlyang your favorite phrase!!! You should write a card about it :P
Sometimes when motivation fails, I just get up and get my body moving -- without thinking about how much it will hurt/how staggered my breathing will/ or how tough it will be. I just go into it without thinking about it.