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Maritza's and Flaca's friendship on Orange Is The New Black (OITNB) is basically perfect. They might be criminals, but they are definitely loyal to each other. They pretty much remind me of me and my best-friend (except we're not criminals -- we're maybe just guilty for getting each other super drunk and crying together over sappy movies). She's da best.

Here are are some GIFs that pretty sums down what a perfect friendship looks like.

1 - We're playful, cool, and we're goofy TOGETHER. It's about feeling super comfortable with that other person.

2 - Along with chugging Flor de Caña like the ultimate borrachas, the drinking games end with a box of pizza. We get drunk together, make bad decisions together, and then nourish our bodies with hopes we can soak up the drunk before tomorrow's work day.

3 - ...And sometimes there's shit-talking between commercials and shots of cheap tequila.

4 - Bestfriend got beef with someone? Well now I got beef with them too. We got each other's back, and we'll stand by each other's side. We are familia.

5 - We fight, and we fight mean sometimes -- but just like sisters, you know when it's time to say sorry and make up. The friendship is just too important to let go over the small things.

6 - And with all the shit-talking, the heavy drinking, and our fighting -- we have love for each other. We're there for each other in the best ways we know how. We're not just familia, we're each other's soulmates.

Yep, I absolutely agree. We've been friends for about 20 years and they're just the best. I hadn't seen the one in AL in almost 6 years until she was able to make a trip out to San Diego over the summer. So, my son and I went on vacation with her. It was great! @alywoah
@alywoah. I've been best friends with mine, for 26 years this month and we have been each other's rock since day one. We have everything in common, except for men, which is good. I love her very much and miss her very much. She's back home in NY and I'm here in Miami.
Exactly! Me and my best friend have been apart for maybe 5 years. But we definitely keep in touch -- and we're okay with having long periods of time where we don't talk to each other. But our friendship is still just as strong! @butterflyBlu
Aww @alywoah, I miss my friends, too. I'm in California and they are in Colorado and Alabama. It kinda sucks, but we make it work - skype, facetime, etc. You do what you can, right?
Yes, I wrote this keeping in mind my best friend from home!!!! Which I miss sooo much! <3 ....I love the show --- i finally watched all of the episodes for the last season @butterflyblu
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