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Happy Wednesday, everybody! It's time for the Funny Community's Caption Challenge! Last week, the winner was @InPlainSight. This week, WILL IT BE YOU?
What's going on in this picture? What are these cosplayers thinking? Come participate in this week's Tolkien-themed challenge, and tell us what you think!

The Rules:

1) You can comment with as many caption ideas as you'd like.
2) 'Like' the captions you find the funniest. (Even non-participants can upvote their favorites!)
3) Voting ends at Friday, Midnight EST. The winner will be announced in a special post on Monday.
Now, let's get this started!
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Screw walking all the way to Mordor, we can just eat the damned thing
2 years ago·Reply
If the drink is called "Sprite", how come the bread is not "Pixie" ?
2 years ago·Reply
"One ring [of carbs] to rule them all"
2 years ago·Reply
"So this is 2nd breakfast?"
2 years ago·Reply
"Alright, I know it sounds weird, but this is WAY better than Lembas."
2 years ago·Reply
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