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Oh, @VinMcCarthy. Yes, Mew is a great pokemon, by all means, a naked mole-rat of a pocket monster is surely the best! Wrong!

Piplup is the all-time best pokemans.

And here's why. In Diamond and Pearl you can get this stupid guy as a starter, right? But if you never evolve him. If you let him stay dumb, cute, and beautiful, he'll be stronger than ever before? Oh, why do I know that? asks @VinMcCarthy. Well, it's because I used to work at a GameStop, that's why.
But to be serious for a second, I had a falling out with the Pokemon games for a while and when Diamond and Pearl came out (while I was working at a GameStop, that part was true) I found myself falling back in love with the game. It was almost like I was experiencing the whole series for the first time. It was great. I lost hours and hours playing that game and if I could find my Nintendo DS, I'm pretty sure I'd be playing it right now. So, maybe I like him for more sentimental reasons instead of scientific.
[note: Piplup is scientifically better than Mew]
Thanks @VinMcCarthy for another great video game challenge, I can't wait for the next one.
I really appreciate you responding to the challenge! You have some strange (and frankly, erroneous) opinions about the first of all pokemon, the poke-jesus if you will, but I appreciate the revival for the game you felt with Diamond and Pearl. You fit right in with the other water pokemon fans @rosepark @mchlyang @galaxytacocat @adikiller
Oh I laugh...
@VinMcCarthy I THINK IT'S TIME WE PUT THE GLOVES ON, SIR (the poke-gloves for a poke-battle)
@VinMcCarthy I don't know what the word erroneous means but I'M PRETTY SURE YOU MEAN 100% CORRECT
@paulisaverage you don't want to see me in a poke-battle, son. you aren't ready for that pain.
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