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Okay, first, kudos and credit to this user on ifunny for posting this. I tried to find a name or user name to give proper credit, but couldn't find one. Anyway, I wanted to share my experience with this. So this summer, I got 3 new shirts: BAP, VIXX, and BTS, and I have been wearing them as much as is socially acceptable. Why? Well, exactly as the picture describes: I want to meet other Kpop fans! Unfortunately, most people just look at me all weird. Lol. Please Share if you've ever worn merchandise like hats, scarves, hoodies, shirts, socks, etc. and people have looked weirdly, judgingly at you, or have criticized you.
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lol yes I got 4 bts shirts an exo sweatshirt and gd one and wear them all , all the time in hopes of finding a fellow kpopper but nope just get stared at especially when I where my chanyeol and jungkook ones
@deemonster100 lol same people always stare at my rap monster shirt then give me a weird look like "you rap bro" lol
I've never had this happen to me before. I didn't even know this was a thing lmao! Y don't people just treat it like any other graphic-T out there?
I have a Wolf SnapBack (EXO merch) which is strange cause I'm not even an EXO fan XD still I get a lot of weird looks while wearing it, oh I also have a B.A.P "Angel" ring...most people think that is pretty cool, but overall yeah I do get a lot of "You need Jesus" looks XD
I've never had this happen with Kpop shirts. I would wear my TVXQ shirt and I'll be screaming with other cassies the next minute. But I get that "You need Jesus" look when wear my Black Veil Brides shirt or Pierce the Veil