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This is a great way to organize your keys (coming from someone who loses them all the time), and it's incredibly cute way to make sure you keep up with your keys. This DIY project comes from the creative people at The Purple Carrot.


For this project, you will need:
-- A frame
-- Spray paint in any color
-- Screw hooks
Instead of painting your own frame, you can easily find an antique frame that is already painted at an antique store or online.

Screw the hooks into the frame

There is only one step for this project (unless you need to paint the frame). All you need to do is screw the screw hooks into the top of the inside of the frame. You should be able to do this with your hands if the wood isn't very hard. If you are having trouble screwing them in with your hands, you can use a pair of pliers to help you screw them in.

Attach to a wall and enjoy this cute way to organize your keys!

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