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I promise once you start there is no going back in this show well atleast until you finish it so basically this is a boxing show however it does have tons of comedy and will be laughing when you least expect it and even if your not a boxing fan you will still love this it's just so great and almost every one can relate to this I'm one way or another. So this show is about a guy Named Makunoci ippo who is a kid who gets bullied all the time in school because he doesn't do regular activity with people because he has to help his mother out at there fishing boat shop because he lost his father when he was a child and so he grew up with just his mother. One day a up and coming boxer Takamura Mamoruo was doing his daily exercise when he saw Makunoci getting beaten up by bullies. Now Takamura hates to see the weak get beaten so he interferes and stops the fight but in away you never expect. However Makunoci has been knocked out cold he wakes up in a Boxing Gym and look around and see's Takamura practicing and the gym and is amazed by what these people are doing . Takamura comes over and talks with him Ippo thanks him then he begins to cry and Takamura hates cry babies he says come here punch this and so Makunoci punches it and he then day no turn like this and put your foot in like this and then we'll I would keep GOING BUT INSTEAD OF READING THIS WATCH THE ANIME YOU WON'T REGRET IT I mean if you read this far your intrested @VinMcCarthy here you go pal use that link if you have a android device to download that app I promise it's not harmful and download #animania if you have been looking for an anime app this is the one of your dreams enjoy :)
the manga still going and its passed 1000 yes that's three 0s
@paulisaverage it has to be Takamura or just ippo there the best
@KINGGOKUS you have any fav. boxers? i really liked Date but i really really like Sendo
@paulisaverage sadly I finished it along time ago :(
DUDE this is my favorite anime! it's so good. what episode are you?