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This is a great project for those of you who want a little more work in a DIY tutorial — the difficulty level for this project is a little higher than the majority of tutorials I post. If you aren't comfortable with using an electric saw, you can go to a hardware store and ask them to cut the pallet for you. This DIY project comes from the creative people at One Little Bird.


For this project, you will need:
-- A pallet (you can find this at a hardware store)
-- Electric saw
-- Screwdriver
-- Hooks and screws
-- Paint
-- Stencils
-- Sandpaper
-- Safety equipment (gloves and safety goggles)

Cut the pallet down to size

After putting on your safety gear, use the electric saw to cut the pallet down to the size that you want for the coffee holder. If you aren't comfortable using an electric saw, get someone to help you or take it to a hardware store and have someone there do it for you.

Sand the wood

Use the sandpaper to sand the entire pallet to make sure the wood is smooth and doesn't have any small splinters sticking out.

Paint on the word 'Coffee'

Use the stencils and paint to paint on the word 'Coffee' onto your smaller pallet. You might need to do a few coats to make sure that it is opaque. Let the paint completely dry.

Attach the hooks with screws

Use the screwdriver to screw in the hooks into the pallet. You should be able to screw them in by hand, but if you have any trouble screwing the screws in, you can always use an electric drill.

Hang your coffee mugs on the hooks and enjoy your project!

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