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The link is up! Check it out and please spread the word! It's our dream to pursue music and we have worked hard on this original! There are more coming so please subscribe and like! Check out our other covers too! We have a short Bigbang cover! Wish us luck on our dreams! Fighting!
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@felicityautumn this is great! I love the guitar sound and your voice! Please post in the musicians community that @alywoah linked I think it'll be a nice place for you to talk with others and get feedback...obviously I think you're great!!!
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Thank you very much! @TessStevens
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this is awesome! you have a great voice, and I liked the instrumental too. have you tried it on an acoustic guitar?
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Listened again! So good!
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I did try on acoustic, but my fingers made the strings buzz on some of the chords. :/ Hopefully I can work up my fingers to fix that. @VinMcCarthy
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