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I've been brought into a lot of deep (and usually very valid) discussion cards on the feminist movement lately talking about inequality, fair treatment, and desexualization of women. However, I am starting to feel its all hypocritical. Look through our feed. A lot of the same people calling for equal treatment and desexualization of women are the same people calling for guys to strip off their shirts or the things they would do to him if they ever got the chance. Yet if I were to be saying that about female stars, I'm the pervert! I'm a sexist pig! This is why things like the free the nipple movement and many others are their own worst enemy. Equal is equal, and fair is fair. If you are going to do it, don't complain when guys sexualize you or other women... I know, men are supposed to WANT to be sexualized and desired by women. The truth is, I'm really sick of being subjected to double standards. Its not right and its sexual discrimination in itself. This post is going to cost me more than a few followers I'm sure but, that means you read it and it got the seed planted in your head. Don't make men feel guilty for doing the same things you do....Think about that next "Topless Tuesday" ladies... no I won't post topless pictures of women... I'm not that guy, but someone else might because you set the standard that its ok.... Ok... I've said my piece... I'm not even going to tag anyone in this... the floor is open to discussion if you want.... BTW, still luv y'all... just had to get that off my chest (no pun intended)
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I will, I'm going to stick around a little longer and see how things go 감사합니다 친구 ♥
oh, and I'll return to my lesson posts as of tomorrow... I'm drained and going to bed now... good night y'all
@RobertMarsh *\(^o^)/* yay!
@jiggzy19, ㅋㅋㅋ.. 잘자 친구
@RobertMarsh 잘자요~ (= ̄ ρ ̄=) ..zzZZ