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@JordanHamilton just tagged me in her card for the Love GIF challenge! Woohoo! Thanks for the tag. I hope everyone else does it too! ^_^
So you basically answer the questions in GIFs! :)

When you think of love, what immediately comes to mind?

Have you ever been in love?

One word to describe your ex [or one gif].

What attracts you to the opposite sex?

What is your current dating situation?

And I'd also like someone who looks like Mario Lopez but I guess I need to stick to being realistic....
that can be realistic lol just keep your eyes wide open. they say everyone has someone who looks just like them, sooooo it is possible and yes, beards all day.
lol a man who can eat and has a beard is a win for me!!!
A man who can eat -- and specifically, BURGERS! buwahaha @jordanhamilton
Hahahhaa. This is awesome. <3 ^^
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