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London Fashion Week is drawing to a close (and on to the next fashion week!), and trends are gathering and making themselves known. The week has demonstrated some serious creativity, perhaps surpassing that of the overall collections shown in New York. One notable trend from London Fashion Week were crossbody straps and suspenders, ranging from preppy to punk and everything in between. These designers worked the style into their collections.
Above: look from Simone Rocha Spring/Summer 2016.

J.W. Anderson

Jonathan Anderson's collection used the simplest and perhaps preppiest version of cross-body straps, which looked the most like suspenders. When layered over exaggerated puffed sleeves and androgynous looks, the straps weighted down the collection and gave the looks more cohesion.

Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams rocked a skater-punk vibe that took a high-fashion turn. Her black and pink accents couldn't help but feel like a nod to earlier days of Avril Lavigne, as well as a 70's-80's punk vibe. This one standout look let pink straps take the reins and wrap around an otherwise simple and sweet dress.

Simone Rocha

I mentioned Simone Rocha's collection yesterday, and how her pale pink palette of dreamy dresses were taken up a notch with layered and embellished straps. Nearly all of her looks featured crossbody straps of some kind or another, from ropes and sashes to suspenders and simple straps.


Paula Gerbase's understated collection for 1205 was full of nylon and silk pieces that seem more than wearable for simple chic fashionistas, but she amped them up with cross body straps falling just above the bust.
Other designers who tried variations of the crossbody strap include these more traditional suspenders by Paul Smith, this patent piece by Osman, and one notable leather harness by Zana Bayne. This is also a potentially DIY-able trend (if @JordanNash wants to tackle it!), where an infinite number of scarves, belts, and straps can be layered over your simplest of tops and dresses.