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From geek to chic in a matter of seconds.

The day of glasses equating to being a nerd are long gone. Trust me, take it from the girl who reluctantly wore glasses for thirteen years of her life [referring to myself]. These days glasses easily add a bit of flare and excitement to a persons outfit giving you a bit of personality -- hence the name personality glasses.
Whether you actually need glasses or just want to add a bit of chic flare to your look, grab yourself a pair of personality glasses and you can be whoever you want to be. I've added some of my favorite glasses from an amazing retailer [Warby Parker] below. Check them out and possibly even snag yourself a pair while you're at it.

Percey - Scarlet Tortoise

These are the furthest from your typical pair of glasses. You definitely won't be getting called "four eyes" in these stylishly chic specs. Plus, everyone needs a red pair of glasses in their possession.

Nash - Crystal

Clear frames are as trendy as it gets. Grab yourself a pair.

Stockton - Sea Green Crystal

You might not be able to match your glasses with all your looks, but this sea green color is the perfect pop of color and everyone should def consider owning one pop of color glasses.

Archie - Citron

These specs are the perfect bit of vintage. The muggy clear color screams 1970's. Perfect for the fall -- oh, and every other season following.

Are you spec-ulating any of these chic and trendy specs?

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I've worn glasses my whole life. I'm so happy nowadays to see that they're considered cool and fashionable.
i like the Nash Crystal one.... i hope someone make description sunglasses you don't have to keep switching them in the sun to see and get the sun out your face
same here Vin! I wore glasses from the age of one to thirteen and now I dibble and dabble here & there, haha @VinMcCarthy
@CleoHoney I love those, but my favorites are the Citron ones. and the brand of these glasses I posted also have prescription shades as well. So it is your lucky day :)
I was the same way! In middle school I thought my life was over when I needed glasses. Now I have multiple pairs to match whatever outfit I am wearing that day! Still not brave enough for the bright red frames...but I am getting there! 馃槃