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I found this Fan Art.. credict given to its owner.. I just love it look at this.. they look great is like wow..
yes!!! I could have a week and I still wouldn't be able to name all the reasons why this is an amazing band.
@saraortiz2002..What I like about this picture is that they all look like wirriors. and Mark has the horn I also love the wepon given to Mark and the posture which he was painted. I love the way the artist desplayed him as leader..
@saraortiz2002.. my pleasure.. I fell in love with this picture (Art) the moment I saw.. I think is great..
omg i swear, this was the picture that gave me the curiosity to check out KPop starting with Got7. By that time, cartoon Junior looked too dang hot. And to this day, I'm not disappointed in any if the members. Thank you for bringing up such a joyful memory.