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Hello all, According to sources from GD is working on opening up a café in Jeju. You can see the original article here. I'm so proud of GD and I know this café will be great. It is always wise to always do other things when you have the opportunity.
Some photos of Monsant Cafe.....
I'm glad he has great mentors!
Coffee, espresso, smoothies, juices, waters, andteas that is lol! I wonder what the menu would be like.
We can turn up in the back! lol Congrats GD Turn Up party!
Desung: Sweets and drinks on me honey!
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one of my stop
Ahhh~! I'm so proud of my Ji Yong oppa. 😭😊💘
im so proud om my baby awwahhh gd
and desung tho hahaha