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Okay, I created this post off of a comment the lovely @shannonl5 made lol. I have just too many comic book men or things. I totally don't have enough for everyday of the week but I am getting close and who really wants to devote all that time going to different time lines yet alone getting over to other brands! Yes, I'm not loyal, kinda but you will see what I mean. I'm going to put my man things up and maybe you can find one guy or thing that has all these traits.
Now the funny thing is my main love is in DCU. I road Batman's cape for awhile but I will get into that later!
Thor, damn you. Like I said he is a God that walks among men. He protects our home and he tries to become a part of our culture as human beings. He shows chivalry and he will fight for what is right and will defend. He might not be the Strongest in Marvel but he has heart ♥ a mighty hammer that calls thunder ⚡ that only he can pick up and he can fly.
Alignment : Good
Apocalypse, yes Apcoplyse lol. The first mutant, alien technology, time traveler, he dabbles into everything. Strong and tall. He can where and when he wants. Also if he wanted to he can change his appearance
Alignment : baby I am no good
Deadpool is a damn clown, all I hear while he laying down is "I'm too sexy for my shirt" lol. Well my boy Deadpool is annoying with guns and swords. He shows up at any given time and really does not care. He can regenerate and kill kill kill . Yes, he has a avocado face but he has the personality baby! After all he is the Merc with the Mouth. Currently I am still brushing up on my Deadpool comic and such and he just seems to pop up any where. I saw a you tube clip of him in the middle of a fight that was already going on between Wolverine and Sabertooth. He lost his arm from screwing around but he played it off and put it back on. He is strong and annoying and of course funny. I think Deadpool and I can annoy each other for hours and he would have to tap lol.
Racy, right? That is why his movie is a soild R and game is MA lol. Alignment : Neutral, just have chimichangas
Thanos, he rules and does not duck around. He has Superhuman strength, durability, and endurance, telekinesis, and teleportation. He was born on the moon of Saturn his parents and the people of his planet did not like his look at all. He was withdrawn as a child but as an adult he became interested in death (mistress of dead) and actually took out his home plant and many more when he felt like it.
Lol, alignment completely evil he tangos with the best of them including the Avengers at one point.
Switching gears,I'm in DCU now. Everyone knows my guy Burce Wayne aka batman
Brooding, intelligent, ladies love the Batman. He lurks in the shadows and studies before he makes his move. Money? Not a problem. Psychological problems? Yes, having his parents murdered in front of him as a young boy definitely changed his out look on things. He actually does not have any super powers like the rest. He is just very good with hand to hand, lurking, learned about you and going for it. Determined he is and yes he can be killed by someone with powers If caught of guard but he will try to give a fight and he is smart enough to know when he needs to hold back and go study and find out who or what it is. Burce Wayne, hides pretty much who he is, he makes the suit the suit does not make him.
Alignment : Good. He does not actually kill his opponents, he puts them to sleep, like a creepy Brock Lesnar MMA style hold. Depending on the Universe of DC you might see him take a kill or two. (that Man Bat through me through a loop lol.)
Alignment : Good. He is a very serious man and he is the Dark Knight. Chess with your brain, your set of skills is his game.
( I know poor kid lol) Oh and before I get into it, yes there are different Spawns, different universes but I'm talking regular Spawn, that is actually far from regular... With his burnt self. Spawn (before he became what you see before you) was a man that married, saved the president and a CIA op. Spawn aka Al Simmons was killed in the heat (yeah, he was actually burned to death) of battle by his partner and friend at the time. Knowing that he has also killed innocent people during his time as a CIA black op, his soul was sent to hell. He made a deal with malbuga (I know i spelled his name wrong lol) so he can see his wife again. It was granted but some time has passed and he was this... My love lol. Spawn has Super human strength, flight, immortality, speed, endurance and other worldly powers. He is also good with hand to hand combat and weapons.
With a really cool damn cape. Don't get me started!
NAH, baby it anit like that.. It's deeper, darker and just down right sinster! Lmfao
If you ever seen the movie, Clown aka Violator was annoying. He followed Spawn at times and just show the hell up in his Clown form laughing and talking. He needed a backhand a few times.... Grrrr.
Alignment : anti hero.
Okay folks I did it, you guys can find my guy but by just looking at my own work Spawn kinda has all my traits I love. He is not good, not bad, he lurks, he is strong, he can run stuff and he walks among us and watches. Lol but he is serious, not funny at all. He is not extra intelligent, he is a everyday thing lol. But the challenge is to you guys, My lovely Vingle community. Can you find one that can compass all and he can't be on the list lol xoxo L A
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@LAVONYORK I know but I *love* him! He deserves some affection lol
Lol Wolverine does kinda embodies all the guys up there. So you do have a very vaild point @shannonl5 but I think I digging a anti hero vibe lol, I think that is why spawn was my number one back in 90s
@LAVONYORK yeah I can definitely see the antihero thing being your preference lol. Anyone who likes Deadpool is gonna be all about that ^_^
You know what, I will have my two mains and add a 7th, maybe Wolverine, after all in an alternate universe he was one of Apcoplyse's horsemen lol.
@LAVONYORK yaaaaaaay give Wolverine some love!