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Koreaboo put together ten slang words that they say will impress even the locals.
Thus is probably me sometimes haha
Who is yours? ^.^
I would probably use this a lot haha
Well if G-Dragon said it, I should say it lol
We all have that one friend lol. Or is it you??
Probably not something to say in front several ajumas lol
What can I say, my pot is shallow lol. (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop )
I feel this way all the time!!!!!! ... like when I look at my bank account
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@nenegrint14 I saw that episode and its so true XD if they dont know what it means then its just how you make it sound lol
@jiggzy19 haha its ok I'm sure you aren't the only one
@VixenViVi haha exactly
λŒ€λ°• and 웃프닀 hehe
hey guys! Korean here! daebak can also mean "what the heck" like in a "weirdo" kinda way depending on the tone of voice you say it in :) okay bye!