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Koreaboo put together ten slang words that they say will impress even the locals.
Thus is probably me sometimes haha
Who is yours? ^.^
I would probably use this a lot haha
Well if G-Dragon said it, I should say it lol
We all have that one friend lol. Or is it you??
Probably not something to say in front several ajumas lol
What can I say, my pot is shallow lol. (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop )
I feel this way all the time!!!!!! ... like when I look at my bank account
Honestly I overuse the word Daebak~ oh well~ ^^
@VixenViVi haha exactly
@jiggzy19 haha its ok I'm sure you aren't the only one
@nenegrint14 I saw that episode and its so true XD if they dont know what it means then its just how you make it sound lol
@VixenViVi hahaha I was reading a post ( I forgot who it was about) but he was saying he went to school in New Zealand and he was in a rap battle and so he couldn't think of anything so he just started saying different fruits in Korean. like apple banana grape and they all thought he slayed hahahaha. I'm like this is why I need to learn a different language
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