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Korean Latin Food Fusion: BIBIMBAP!?
A restaurant in Miami called Finka Table and Tap is now serving bibimbap -- but with a Latin flare (SAY WHAT). Okay, so bibimbap is a Korean dish. It's a bowl of rice with meat and assorted vegetables -- it's basically perfection in a bowl.

Sooooo good!!!

The Cuban bibimbap made by the restaurant includes vaca frita (shredded steak) , black beans, and maduros (sweet fried plantains). In addition to those items, the signature Korean ingredients are included -- like zucchini, kimchee, and a fried egg.

With my love for both Cuban food and bibimbap, I think this is just the perfect idea. I am totally going to try this when I am in the area Kendall again.

Would you try this Latin-Korean fusion dish?

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I know that somewhere in LA (I BELIEVE) there is a taco truck that combines Mexican and Korean food and ugh I wish I could try it but I can't since I live FAR from there.
@AnnahiZaragoza I am actually not sure where in LA but I do know that it's called Kogi BBQ Taco Truck! They have their own Facebook Page I think.