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London has recently earned the rap for having the most creative collections, with designers showing an artistic influence weighing heavily on their design processes. These quirky, unusual, and amazing collections showed the impact of craft on high fashion, and make us want to inject more playful and fun elements into our own style.
Above: my favorite look from the Toga Spring 2016 collection.


To me, the Ashish Spring 2016 collection was like a fanciful dream, not to mention thatthey had the most fun beauty looks of all of the two fashion weeks so far. Despite copious amounts of glitter, the collection looks anything but an amateur craft project. One might want to layer some dark pieces under all that sheer silk and tulle when they attempt to wear the collection in real life, but I can't wait to see these floaty dreams walk the streets.

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane has earned the reputation of an urban, neon artist of a designer, and his spring collection spoke to this. From bright patterns on black and white backgrounds to stuck-on embellishment, there was definitely a craftier side to this collection, but it came across like the artist-influenced odd-but-fun masterpiece he intended it to be.


Yasuko Furota's up-and-coming line Toga is beloved by fashionistas like Chloe Sevigny and Susie Bubble, and with her striking Spring 2016 collection, we're really seeing why. Despite the many patchwork-like pieces of fabric slung and seemingly stuck on embellishing simple silhouettes, there is nothing haphazard about the beautiful and unusual garments that walked the runway.

Phoebe English

Newcomer to the fashion scene Pheobe English delivered on her unique and innovative Spring 2016 collection, proving that craft can go high fashion and also that craftier media and forms don't need to use a lot of color to get their message across. The major theme of displacement was clear enough through woven and tied asymmetrical elements that were just strange enough to stand out, but also wearable for bold dressers who love muted palettes.