Welcome back OST and drama fans for another OSTuesday!
I have decided to do what I deem a slight guilty pleasure OST fave this week. The OST is a bit guilty, the drama is a bit guilty...
Now, this was my first complete drama I've ever watched (I don't count Boys of Flowers because I only made it half way through) and so I immediately fell in love with it because it got me k-dramas and, to a deeper level, k-pop.
Yeah, the two leads are idols.
So, fluffy, guilty k-drama. Idol leads. Sticky sweet OST. Gorgeous cast.
Any guesses?
Alright, without further ado.
*not my video*
*shows clips from the show and the main couple, so watch tentatively for spoilers*
From the 2012 teen drama To The Beautiful You (아름다운 그대에게) comes my choice pick for this week: Butterfly by Krystal and Jessica Jung.
Krystal Jung is a vocalist with the popular SM girl group f(x), and her sister Jessica Jung is a former member and main vocalist of popular SM girl group SNSD. This is the first recorded duet sung by the Jung sisters.
To The Beautiful You is an SM produced teen comedy drama about our young heroine Jae-Hee who moves to South Korea and enrolls as a boy at a top all male school in hopes to inspire her idol Tae-Joon, an Olympic high jumper who has fallen into a slump after an injury.
The drama's main leads are Choi Jin-Ri (formerly known as Sulli) and Choi Minho, but what really makes this drama so pleasant in the rest of the ensemble, which consists of Lee Hyun-Woo, Seo Jun-Young (my sister's boyfriend totally went to school with this guy when he was younger lol), Kang Ha-Neul, Hwang Kwang-Hee, Ki Tae-Young, Lee Young-Eun, and Kang Kyeong-Jun. Also a young Kim Woo-Bin was in 2 episodes, and I believe this was his first role. Not to mention the small one episode EXO cameo.
Let me just say, Lee Hyun-Woo's character Eun-Gyeol is what made this drama for me. I fell in love with him way more than I should have. I am glad he has gotten more roles and that his career as a child star is blossoming into a career as an adult actor. Also would like to point out that Kang Ha-Neul and Kim Woo-Bin have also produced very profitable careers so far.
This drama gives me all the warm and fuzzies.
So, I should preface, or actually you probably have listened to the song link that I posted up there so you know, this song is sugar.
Like bubble gum, honey drippingly sweet pop music.
Now, I personally love this sugar coated pop. It makes me happy and it isn't too thinky and lets you just become happy, and get to that happy place quick.
But I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND if this OST isn't for you.
Although, you have to admit, this pop anthem goes perfect with this equally fluffy, sugar coated K-drama. The drama itself isn't the best plotwise, acting wise, or really anything wise. But it is gorgeous, it's cute, and the characters make you fall in love with them despite the many flaws. You love it despite its blatant short comings. This will always be a drama I can watch over and over again, without taking it too seriously or over thinking.
And that is what this song does for me. It's cute, it's sweet (okay I'll stop mimicking lyrics of the song now) and it is so easy to digest without over thinking it or making you become introspective and deep.
The song is ultimately the love track when anything precious happens between our two leads, Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon. Now, don't crucify me, but the acting isn't super in depth or revolutionary by any means. But, even though the two have mentioned how awkward filming together romantically was, they have undeniable chemistry. When I first watched the show, I remember blindly rooting for them to get together despite anything (my complete and utter love for the second lead, or my complete and utter love for Woo Bin's face).
If Eun-Gyeol or John Kim (WooBin) can't sway me from this couple, you know I was in deep.
So as a love anthem and a love theme, this song fits perfectly.
I mean, it really is blatantly about being infatuated with someone, and the main couple was definitely infatuated with each other.
Jae-Hee moves continents to be by Tae-Joon's side.
Just look at these lines (translations brought to you by kpoplyrics)
"Can never forget your shining eyes
Under the fireworks that dark night
Only if I were a little older, I could have kissed you"
The young love is just SO FREAKING OBVIOUS.
First love you guys, it is adorable from the outside, but man does it wreck you when you are going through it. Everything is so important and huge at the time, all you can do is just grit your teeth and get through all those new and bubbling emotions, and look back on it all and laugh at how you made even the smallest thing like a glance seem like it made the world rotate.
I just love fluffy things you guys. I love sugar coated pop songs, I love beautiful fluffy k-dramas, I love beautiful actors and idols. So, it is no wonder this song just gives me all the happiness, and it just makes me think of how much joy this drama brought me.
Alright friends, please comment and enjoy this delicious pop OST from this delicious drama.
Here are some pictures of Woo Bin and Ha Neul and Hyun Woo to make our hearts flutter.
and a bonus SHINee on the set photo cause I couldn't resist
Also I love how they have all worked together in later things. Woo-Bin and Hyun-Woo did Technicians together, Ha-Neul and Woo-Bin were bros in Twenty (I love Twenty you guys, it gives me life). I love how these up and coming stars in the industry were all apart of this super fluffy drama.
How do we feel about this OST/drama friends?
Love everything about this drama!!!😍
I loved this drama! It was really good!! :D
@baileykayleen awww same here lol
@sugajin94 I'm glad you like the OST :) my sister and I definitely learned the words to sing along. Lol.
I love this drama and this ost. One of my favorites for sure! ^_^
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