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So i saw alot of these and i was waiting to get tagged but never did :( so i was just being a creeper i gave up and i frogot about it until @shannonl5 tagged me......FINALLY lol hopefully it turns out good
the promt i choose was..... "you meet your bias when you're really sick trying to buy cold medicine in your pjs......" lets see how this turns out......Lets get started
it was an early Saturday and i had gone to the doctor in my pjs. They had told me that it was nothing serious, to buy a type of medicine. So i was a the store with a massive headache, but the medicine was no where to be found. i began getting frustrated so i decided to go back home and you know just work through the pain.
i reached my car and tears where flowing from my eyes running down my cheeks due to the pain. i open the car door and tried turning on the car but it didnt was to work. "UGH STUPID CARD WORK" I yelled in frustration. More tears flowed down my cheeks i rested my head on the wheel and just cried. ~Knock Knock~ i heard a sound next to the window, i looked up to notice a tall guy with messy brown hair. "Excuse me? ma'am is everything alright?" He asked worried. He looked really familiar, but i couldnt quite put my finger on it,. "yeah im okay i guess" i manage to say as i opened the door and rested my head on my hand. "are you sure? is there anything i can help with?" he asked again. i honestly didnt know what to say, i didnt want to bother him, but i did need help. "im sorry its just my car stopped working, it wont turn on and im really sick." i said as more hot tear flowed down my cheeks.
"may I?" he asked. i looked at him confused, and just bared my face into my hands. i felt his nice cold hand on my forehead, "wow your buring up! have you gone to the doctor?!?" He asked worried. "yes they told me it was nothing serious to just buy this medicine and ill feel better." i said with my face was still covered by my hands. "Yoboseyo? Ne....*give street address*......Ne....We need you right away!" He said as he hanged up. i looked up at him confused and he gave me a warm smiled and said "help is on its way." i smiled back and closed my eyes and ended knocking out. ~Taehyung's P.O.V.~ i was ordered by Jin hyung to go back to the car and get some change he forgot. On my way to the car i heard someone yell and out of curiosity i went to go check it out. i was a really pretty girl with curly black hair in her car and it kinda look like she was crying. i went up to her car and knock on the window, i asked if she was doing okay she said yes, but she didnt look okay. i asked her if she need help with anything when she replied she was sick and her car was messed up. I wanted to know if she was okay or not, so i felt her forehead which was burning. i called the mechanic immediately when i hang up i smiled at her letting her know everything was gonna be okay. By the time the mechanic was here, the girl was fast asleep, it look like she was cold so i covered her up with my jacket. "So whats wrong with the car?" the mechanic asked. "it wont turn on." i replied. The mechanic checked and said there was something in the engine, he said i was gonna take a while. ~Ring Ring~ i check my phone as saw jin hyung was calling me, dang it i forgot the change but i cant leave her here by her self. "Yoboseyo?" i anwsered. "V where are you?" he asked. "helping a friends out." i replied. "what friend?" jin asked confused. "ill tell you later, but dont worry i have change just send someone to get it." i replied. He agreed and said he would send someone.
While i was waiting the mechanic kept asking questions about the car that i did not know about and told me to write everything he was telling me. i saw suga hyung pass so i yelled to him "Hyung!!" suga turned and started walking towards me. "so what happened? why are you here?" yoongi asked. "sorry hyung its just that i was helping a friend out." i replied showing. "do you even know her?" yoongi asked confused. i honestly didnt know what to anwser i knew hyung you understand, but what if he didnt, "yeah i know her" i replied. "okay i guess.....well give me the change cause jin hyung is waiting in line.....its kinda mean but funny." yoongi smiled. i gave him the change and he told me he see me in a while, and that he will clear things up with jin hyung. The mechanic soon finish and told me "The car is fix and if it happens again just give me a call." "okay i will." i replied with a smile. "its gonna cost about 50 bucks." he replied. I paid him, the mechanic took off, i look back at the girl a tried to wake her up, but couldn't. i got worried but she murmured "mmmm" i smiled in relief, now the only problem was what was i gonna do with the girl. i kept thinking and came to a solution to take her to the studio. i carried her from the drivers seat and layed her down on the back seat. As i covered her up with jacket i notice her pjs. They where spongebob they where so cute, i smile closed the door and went to the diver seat i notice a Bts sticker on her steering wheel. I smiled at the facted i just helped a fan, i texted hyung that ill met them at the studio, and thats what i did.
i got to the studio and carried the girl to the nearest sofa, covered her with my jacket, and i brought a wet towal and put it on her forehead. i sat on the floor next to the couch and began playing on my phone. i looked at her one last time and smiled, i wonder whats her name, for some reason she seems really interesting. ~Stephanie's P.O.V.~ i woke up and in an unfamiliar place, i had a wet towel on my forehead, and i was covered in someones jacket it looked like that guy that i met. i sat up and i still didnt recognize the place, i heard some laughter and the guy from the store and another tall guy with brownish blackish hair walked in. "oh your awake." the guys said with smile. He sat next to me and felt my forehead, "your getting better...i dont think we properly introduced our self im Taehyung but everyone calls me V and you are?" he said with a smile. "i-im stephanie" i replied. "nice to meet you...oh this my hyung hoseok, but everyone calls him jhope or hobi" he replied. "hello" i slightly bowed to both of them. "aww she so cute...you where right V" hoseok said. "hyung!" Taehyung replied blushing. i blushed and smiled, then there names and faces were kinda getting really familiar to me, but i still couldnt tell. "well here...SURPRISE!" Taehyung said with a smile handing me the medicine bottle i could never find. i looked at it for a while, "oh my goodness you found it thank you" i said giving him a hug, "oh im sorry" i said realizing what i just did. "no its okay, but take a pill right now so you can feel better." Taehyung explain with a smile. Hobi handed me a glass of water and i took my medicine, i thanked both of them. "Well im leave you guys for a bit cause i got to do something." hoseok said with a smile, "nice meeting you." i smiled at him before he left. I looked at Taehyung and smiled and said "thank you...for all this." "no problem anything for a fan." Taehyung smiled flashing me a adorable box smile. I looked at him confused, then thats when it hit me, i was in the care of bts. "Oh im sorry i caused all this trouble" i said standing up and getting my things. "no its fine really." Taehyung replied worried. "no really thank you for everything im go now." i said giving him his jacket. As i gave him his jacket he pulled me in close and said "dont go please i really want to get to know you." we stayed in that position for quite a while until the door opened "hyung! do yo-" jungkook said coming in, "nevermind ill just ask jimin sorry" he closed the door. Taehyung looked at me and said "please let just start as friends." i agreed and from there my relationship with Taehyung has started.
so i was doing this in school.....i honestly dont know if its good or not....i like it...i wanted to make it longer, but since im in school i have to do my work plus it would be to long.
so i hope i did good and you guys liked it :[] love you guys <3 again thanks for tagging me @shannonl5 love you :[] <3
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