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We all have our lazy days.

Those days when pulling on a pair of denim jeans just seems impossible and we refuse to, so we pull out the trusty leggings. Face it, every woman owns at least one pair of leggings that they pull out on those lazy days. Some own just one pair, while others own one for each day of the week.
Unfortunately, not everyone knows who to properly wear a pair of leggings without looking, what's the word I'm looking for -- sloppy. Trust me, I've seen my fair share of women who wear see thru leggings, too small leggings and the list just gets even more sour from there. There are several ways to wear leggings appropriately and look put together. If you're having one of those lazy days [which you probably will eventually] I've listed below a few tips to follow when wearing leggings so you can avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed.

Choose a pair of leggings that are your size and not sheer.

Ladies, there is a huge difference between tights and leggings. Leggings are not meant to be see thru and if we can see the outline of your underwear, chances are your leggings are a couple sizes too small. They usually fit true to size, so choose your normal size when shopping for leggings.

Make sure whatever you wear covers your bottom.

Nobody wants to see your behind. The point of leggings is not to show off your body. You can feel comfortable without being too revealing. Throw on an oversized shirt or a long cardigan to add that splash of stylishness needed to take you from lounge wear to street wear.

Throw on a pair of boots to bring the entire look together.

If you're in one of those fashionable lazy moods, throw on a pair of boots over your leggings. You will be comfortable without having to do much.

I'm thinking the rest of this week should be a leggings day.

What do you think ladies?
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@allischaaff yes! I have so many pairs that just are so comfortable. I wear mine under dresses as well. I think I only have maybe 2 tunics. I definitely need to get fall related to go along with the leggings. I've never bought any from vs, I'll definitely have to check those out!! Thank you!!
No problem!! :D @AimeeH Maybe I should look for some cute tunics online and post them here... or maybe @jordanhamilton our fashion guru, would you maybe do a card about cheap cute tops to pair with leggings this fall?? :D
@allischaaff o.o I'd be down to follow our fashion guru!
Even if you find cute tunics @allischaaff I hate shopping though lol so any help would be appreciated! XD
@allischaaff I think that would be an amazing idea for a card. keep a lookout and thanks for the suggestion.