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Notes: This is an AU plot. Yaoi/Boys' Love (BL) ahead. This may just stay fluff. -coughs-
Neither one of them are exactly morning people. They have a routine though. One gets up and makes breakfast while the other gets bags and clothes ready to leave. It's a simple routine, usually. Things always have a tendency to come to halt when there's a...disagreement between the two of them. Mark wasn't particularly a talkative person while Jackson, on the other hand, was known to have the gift of gab. In the mornings, Jackson would still find something to talk about. This morning, he wasn't getting a single response. "Hyung... HYUNG! YI-EN TUAN!" Jackson yelled from the entrance of the kitchen. Only when Jackson screamed his name did he turn around. The look wasn't a heartfelt one in the slightest bit. It was cold and distant, sort of like a psycho looking at someone they intend to attack. The younger swallowed and couldn't help but to look away, feeling like a puppy about to get a mighty scolding. Mark was obviously waiting for the other to say something first but since it didn't happen, he went make to making them something to eat for breakfast. He ended up going still again when he felt Jackson's arms around his waist. "Do you want to die," Mark muttered under his breath, just loud enough for the other to hear. In response, he could hear the in Jackson swallowing. He narrowed his eyes when the younger didn't move or even make an attempt to let go. He took a step back and then turned in Jackson's hold. He didn't even want to think that this creature was his boyfriend anymore. He was fed up with Jackson's games and childish behavior. "Get off of me before I throw out your share of breakfast," he warned. He wanted to say that he would give it to someone at the studio where they worked but decided sparking an unnecessary flame to Jackson's jealousy wouldn't get them anywhere. There was a decent list as to why Mark was upset with Jackson. Mark had planned something important for the both of them with their second anniversary coming up and Jackson, being Jackson, had decided to schedule classes on the same weekend they were supposed have off. Not to mention, he scheduled for the both of them without even asking Mark's consent. To make matters worse, Jackson had apparently been going through Mark's cell phone and had seen messages from some of their co-workers. The ones from one of the new employees at the studio, Yugyeom, had really gotten Jackson riled up. Mark had been assigned to train Yugyeom and to keep as his teaching assistant for a while. There were different text messages from Yugyeom asking Mark to hang out so they could plan things for their classes and just get to know each other. Mark knew how innocent Yugyeom honestly was, and how he was amused by the simplest things. Jackson, on the other hand, didn't even care to listen and had been causing scene after scene with the younger on more than one occasion, and while they were at work. The last one had almost caused Mark and Yugyeom to lose their jobs. They had never had a morning so silently chaotic before. Jackson wasn't sure how to handle having Mark this upset with him. He was so used to his boyfriend letting go and forgiving him but it didn't seem like that would be happening anytime soon. He was terrified that he'd really lose his boyfriend. It didn't seem to get any better as the days went on. Their mornings seemed to grow quieter and quieter. They were even growing more distant with Mark beginning to leave him in the morning and ignoring him at work. He didn't pay his "boyfriend" any mind either when Jackson was brought on a new assistant, a cute Thai boy that introduced himself as BamBam. Jackson was a natural flirt. He didn't usually think twice about what he said and wasn't afraid to go with his gut feeling. He couldn't resist playing with BamBam and teasing and flirting with him. Mark focused on helping Yugyeom and their classes. Their anniversary drew closer with them like this and it seemed like they were nothing more than roommates on bad terms at this point. Jackson stared at every calendar he came across, knots forming in the pit of his stomach when he'd see Mark at home and at work. BamBam began to notice and began to worry about him. "Hyung... If you're sick, I can try teaching the classes on my own," he spoke up softly. He had entered the dance practice room of the studio and sat by Jackson in front of the mirrored wall. Jackson was quieter than usual. His anniversary with Mark was in a few days and things hadn't gotten better at all, in fact they'd gotten so much worse. He felt like a nervous wreck and wanted to hide in a hole for all that he'd put Mark through. He finally shook his head and forced on a smile, "I'm alright..." BamBam gave him a look and sighed, "You don't have to share with me if you don't want to, but Yugyeom told me that you and Mark-hyung were together..." Jackson didn't even flare up like he used to at Mark's assistant's name. He wasn't sure how to respond and so he just nodded and ran his fingers through his hair before settling his hat back in place. "Did...Did something happen between you two? You both seem...kind of cold toward one another." "You can tell?" "Everyone can tell. Yugyeom and I got worried so we started asking. It's kind of awkward being around you two when we all get caught in the same room..." Jackson rubbed his nape and then dropped his hands in his lap, "I made him hate me... I need up a lot." "It seems like he really cares about you. He's been having a lot of trouble focusing in class." Mark was turning into a wreck? There was no way that was true. He always kept his head on straight and knew hot to avoid letting things bother him. Then again, maybe it was just that Jackson had never been really good at reading Mark. Jackson didn't realize it, but they were both the type to wear their heart on their sleeve. Jackson was open about it but Mark just wasn't. The younger had taken the other's heart with ease, not even trying to consider how much he probably got in Mark's way. They'd met through their job during their training. They were both artists in some way. Jackson was more of a dancer and was training to become a rhythm and dance instructor for the studio; Mark was more into concept art and was training to become a design instructor to help students with themes in music and in photographs and album art. Mark was always focused on his work while Jackson was a little more laid back, but the typical "we have to do a project together" scenario came up and they met. They clicked. They had known each other for a few months by the time Jackson made the attempt to ask Mark out and, in the younger's mind, things had gone through smoothly. He didn't even think about Mark's position in their relationship. Jackson was aware that he could be selfish and childish and ridiculous at times, but he didn't realize that there was a chance it could outweigh the good he tried to put into their relationship. "Hyung..." BamBam peered into the older's face with curious and concerned eyes. Jackson flashed him a smile, an uneasy one as he tried to clear the haze of his thoughts for the time being. "We have tomorrow off, right?" BamBam nodded and furrowed his brows, trying to figure out what had just happened in Jackson's mind. The older simply shook his head. "I need you and Yugyeom to cover for me and Mark for the next couple of days. It can be apart of the teaching experience." The younger looked nervous but excited as he nodded. He still wasn't quite sure what was going on but he wasn't going to fight it. At least Jackson looked something like himself again. Jackson gathered his things and stood outside of Mark and Yugyeom's classroom door. He peered into the window and managed to meet gazes with the teaching assistant first, who didn't say anything but just smiled at him. Jackson had no idea how to take it but it made him feel good inside for some reason so he ended up smiling back. He stood there until the class was dismissed and immediately charged in to gather his boyfriend's things, tugging Mark out of the room with him. He made sure to tell Yugyeom to talk to BamBam before leaving the building with his boyfriend. Mark managed to snatch his arm back once they were outside, glaring a bit at the younger, "What are you doing?" "I'm sorry!" Mark blinked and just started at him, glancing around once he remembered where they were, "Keep your voice down. We're still at work." Jackson wasn't really thinking. His body seemed to be moving on its own as he unlocked the car and tossed all their stuff inside. He pinned the older to the car and simply kissed him, long and hard enough to leave Mark at a complete loss for words. "I'm going to make this up to you. Things will be okay... Okay?" Mark looked like he was ready to run but he didn't. He was hesitant but decided to go along with whatever Jackson had planned. "Fine... this is your last chance, Jackson." Jackson took a deep breath and nodded, smiling nervously, "I'll make you want to stay with me..."

끝... For now.

Well, yeah, this is just the first part. I have to decide what Jackson's big plans are going to be for Mark. Lol I got the plot idea from @shannonl5 and steered from that morning thing very quickly. OTL I don't really know who to tag but enjoy, you lovely people and please look forward to the second part. @shannonl5 @B1A4BTS5ever @wllmvns @kpopandkimchi I hope this isn't as bad as I think it is. Lol
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