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Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

If you aren't aware, take Luzmaria Vargas for example. This beautiful woman was chosen by MAC Cosmetics to be one of their #MACnificientMe Models and the opportunity literally changed her life for the better. As a woman who is categorized as being overweight, Luzmaria struggles daily with self confidence and finds it hard to see the beauty within herself.
After being one of the six women hand picked by MAC's Fall 2015 makeup campaign [see here], the beauty label was able to give this beautiful woman a chance to let her beauty shine through with an amazing makeover. Not only was she able to get an amazing makeover, but she was able to speak out to the public and let the world know that size doesn't equate to beauty. If you're still living in a world where a size 2 is beautiful, but you can't say the same about a size 20 -- let Luzmaria change your perspective [see video below].
Way to go MAC for the gentle reminder that every[body] is beautiful.

Luzmaria, you are truly MACnificient.