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i watched this movie for the first time because my friend made me watch this, because she knew my bias is T.O.P I'm not gonna lie. i cried at the ending, i just need hugs now.
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*hugs* I know how you feel. Sure I started to watch it because T.O.P was in it but very soon I found myself sinking further and further into the story line. Then truthfully I don't cry for movies a lot but I did for this one. The Hobbit as well but that's not our topic at the moment. The emotions just sink into you and you absorb them so much that you begin to feel attached. As to sum this up. . .I love this movie.
ODG THIS MOVIE!! I went to the movies with my mom to see it because TOP is her bias and we had to try so hard not to cry. Then, I went and bought her the DVD for mothers' day and, when I tried to watch it with her again, I almost cried before the movie even started. omg
I watched it not too long ago! I cried for days man. DAAAYYYSS!!!
@KatelynSummerso i cried too. i loved the movie alot, but everytime i watch my heart breaks a little bit more.