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I have been a fan girl all my life, and I will always be a fan girl. I love artists such as actors, actress, singers, painters, etc. This is part of the reason I'm addicted to Kpop, their music is catchy and the dancing is amazing high energy which I love. It makes you feel good, even their sad songs can make you feel good. I have a lot of groups I love and one of them is Shinee. I love them all but my eyes always fall on Key. Why do my eyes fall on Key? Because he has a flare to his dance movements, he has a sexy beautiful voice, and he can be really dorky. And he can give off one of the most sexiest vibes that makes you go crazy. Today is his birthday and I hope he has a very special one filled with love and happiness.
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I have always thought of him as just cute. ....until I watched him on We Got Married Global Edition. he is really a man's man with a great sense of fashion.