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The process of putting furniture together is a pimple on the ass of society.
I guess I'm not alone in regards to my disdain with the process of putting together home units, as Ryan Reynolds linked with GQ to create a hilarious video replicating one of his experiences with IKEA.

Reynolds tries to cope with the assembly process before calling in support line experts:

“There’s no problem with it. I think the biggest issue I’m having right now is that the crib didn’t come assembled. There’s an enormous amount of hardware that’s come with this unit, and I’m having a real hard time putting this thing together … [F*ck you!] … Besides a slow descent into alcoholism, I’m just really having trouble finding all the screws and the pieces that go with it. There’s gotta be over 100,000 pieces that came with it. I’m just wondering if there’s a representative or five that can come by and make it happen for me … [F*ck!] And a good day to you too.”
Loved this one. Great to know I'm not alone on this one, and hopefully GQ and Ryan link to create another gem like this soon.
@christianmordi I knooow!! Trust me, I KNOW. @mchlyang Whiskey. ^.^
If I were him, the drink would not have been a beer. It would have been something much stronger, like vodka.
oh IKEA, they're so good at giving you almost all of the necessary parts.
You know Ryan Reynolds is transitioning into fatherhood nicely when duct tape is already his fix-it solution for everything.
@butterflyblu the struggle is too real... lol
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