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While attempting to enter a bar this weekend, my friend tried to play a joke on the bouncer (not a bright idea, but luckily we got a guy with a sense of humor.)
When my friend passed his ID to the bouncer for entry, he burst out in tears. When I glanced at his hands, my friend shot the bouncer a remake ID of the classic Fogle Hawaii ID.
That's when it came to me: Superbad is really one of the great movies of our generation. The movie meshes the coming of age story of two young teenagers with a raunchy brand of comedy. I have seen the movie a million times and every time I catch something new. For those fans who feel the same way about the film and want to learn something new, catch the "9 Things You Didn't Know About Superbad" video!
The video above let loose a bunch of cool news I didn't know about the film.
I certainly didn’t know that Jonah Hill wasn’t actually up for the main role before watching this clip. I also was amazed at the crew had to bless Hill with a special shaving kit to keep the movie as clean to the script as possible.

After watching the video, what was the coolest bit of new info you learned? Feel free to share a cool factoid outside of the video you may know as well!

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IRL Seth and Evan seem like the craziest dudes. I'd love to hang out with them.