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■■■■WARNING: Strong usage if language and sarcasm used in the provided video. Watch at your on risk■■■■ Basically here's the run down if you didnt watch the video: ●A new TPP law may possibly get passed making anime/manga fans eligible to go to prison for up to 10 years for various reasons of copyright (cosplay, fanart, imagines, etc.) ●No this is not limited to just Otakus, it was a very broad statement meaning that almost anyone can fall within the guidelines and be arrested/charged ●This so far, from my knowledge is happening in the United States , so if you don't live here I'm not positive on your countries laws ●But for people in Japan it was stated in the video that they also have VERY STRICT copyright laws, so If you plan on visiting there hold your cosplay THIS IS NOT A DEFINITE LAW, ITS BEING DISCUSSED BUT INST NOT YET CONFIRMED AS LAW (so have fun and keep doing what you're doing) The youtubers name is "Double4Anime" so this video provided above is not mine
What do you guys think on the possible new copyright law?
Considering the current state of cosplayers and the existing market aimed at them, it would be very difficult to impose these copyright laws...but who knows?
I dont think this is possible. For the companies to make something of this scale, they would need lots of money before cashing in the "copyright violators". Besides it would be impossi le to fine everybody with cosplay plus images on the internet, there are way too many for them to track. Maybe theyll be able to do it in Japan but outside of Japan its just impossible
@poojas @RosePark True, it would be hard to gather all of the supposed "criminals". But if this ever does pass it'll be weird to explain that you're in jail for drawing a Digimon character....
@poojas as I said, at MOST it will be only in Japan "at most" but its not likely even in Japan