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Family Members in Japanese
Hey guys, so I'll be teaching the family memebers today. In Japanese you would use different words when talking about someone else's family and when talking about your own. I'll be showing both ways. So, let's start~ First family in Japanese is かぞく kazoku
Someone else's family in Hiragana: Mother: おかあさん Father: おとうさん Older Sister: おねえさん Older Brother: おにいさん Younger Brother: おとうとさん Younger Sister: いもうとさん In Kanji: Mother: お母さん Father: お父さん Older Sister: お姉さん Older Brother: お兄さん Younger Brother: 弟 Younger Sister: 妹 In Romaji: Mother: okaasan Father: otousan Older Sister: oneesan Older Brother: oniisan Younger Brother: otoutosan Younger Sister: imoutosan
Your Family Mother: はは Father: ちち Older Sister: あね Older Brother: あに Younger Brother: おとうと Younger Sister: いもうと In Kanji: Mother: 母 Father: 父 I'm not sure about older brother and sister. So, I won't include the kanji for those, as for younger sister and brother it is the same as before. In Romaji: Mother: haha Father: Chi chi Older Sister: ane Older Brother: ani Younger Brother: otouto Younger Sister: imoto
Here's a video with all the pronunciations and a few words I didn't put up there ^^
Good luck~!
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This video was extremely helpful, thank you!
2 years ago·Reply
older siblings are written. あね あに
2 years ago·Reply
@AntoniaArtwork it does say あね and あに ^^
2 years ago·Reply
o my phone put the hiragana i meant to put the kanji- sorry
2 years ago·Reply
@AntoniaArtwork oh okay, I know typing in Japanese with a phone sometimes sucks xD
2 years ago·Reply