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Social media and the newspapers have had a good laugh at the expense of 50 Cent's bankruptcy trail, and he's putting an end to it.

According to The Jasmine Brand, the NY legend is looking to keep information on his deal with Vitamin Water private from the public.
According to 50, releasing his information could be very harmful to him on a business level.

The G-Unit boss is reportedly worried that if Coke’s endorsement paycheck were made public, “it would ruin future deals giving the company the upper hand in negotiations.”

I understand we have a right to see public information on business, but are we going too far in regards to 50 Cent? Do we have a right to see these records? Will anyone be harmed if these records are kept private?

Maybe it's best we stay in our lane on this one, no one wants to cost this hard working business man money down the line.