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"#1 Rule of life. Do what makes YOU happy!" link: https://twitter.com/PrincePumpkin1/status/646370479599587328
Advice to my fellow Kpop Vingle fam! Never trade away your happiness, cuz sometimes that's all we have no matter what form it may come in.
So I decided to make a challenge for you all out of this!
RULE #1 Challenge: 1: Make a card about something you've been struggling with or something that has stood in the way of your happiness before, is there something in Kpop that inspired you or has helped you through this? Share your story! 2: Comment on fellow Kpop Vingle fams story, give some advice and then relate their story to a Kpop song or idol it reminds you of!
Here's the shirt version of my story: During high school I was honestly lost. The things I had passions for before weren't there anymore. Friendships were changing and I went through a lot of hard stuff. 1st year of college was OK. I liked the change and I knew vaguely what I wanted to do for a career, but then later on that year I discovered Super Junior and they opened to world of Kpop to me and I regained my passion and love for music and performance. I found myself again. not the same person I was before high school, but now in my 3rd year of college I'm a new person with big dreams for my future. The more groups and songs I discover in Kpop the more inspiration I get. Though occasionally the lost me in high school tries to creep back up and then Kpop and my fellow Kpop fans remind me of the me I am now. that I have a future ahead of me to work for! I've always had an overwhelming passion for music of all kinds. I've always thought of being some kind of event planner, but now I've narrowed it down to concerts and event planning. ^^
Happiness is what I strive for myself and I want to spread that through music and the experience fans get! Haha that's my story now I challenge you, anyone who reads this, Kpop Vingle family! Happiness is #1! ^^ @kpopandkimchi @b1a4bts5ever
Challenge accepted. @B1A4BTS5ever @katiems
I'm glad K-Pop changed your world to the better. ^^ and also whenever you get those moods again, let me be your inspiration as well :) I'm in a College Prep class and my teacher always preaches to us and everything she tells us, ALWAYS sticks in our head.
This is a really great idea and thank you @katiems for sharing your story! Let me put some thinks into mine and I'll try to do it soon :)
What an amazing dream! We could double team and you could be my event planner for concerts and such! I bet your fantastic baby. ;) I am so happy that you decided to chase your dream and do what makes you happy! Fighting!
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