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It's been a long time since Chicago had been able to say this with a straight face: The Cubs are pretty good this year.

Times have changed in the Windy City, as fans have a reason to watch the local teams in September. I guess the owners didn't get the memo, as they booked a pretty rough rock concert on the field this week.
Legendary rock band AC/DC came to Chicago and rocked Wrigley field all night long. Maybe a bit too hard, as the field was left in shambles.
Joe Maddon complained about conditions in the infield after a recent concert. “Since the AC/DC concert we’ve had a little bit of trouble,” Maddon said after the Cubs' 9-5 win over the Milwaukee Brewers on Monday. "I don’t know if they [the band] were out there taking ground balls in 9-inch heels.”
Maddon said the condition of the field played a pivotal factor in important home games recently.“They totally messed up our infield,” Maddon said. “I’ve seen a bad hop at third, a bad hop at second. Prior to that I’ve not seen one bad hop all year.”
I could be overreacting, but I feel like this is a huge error in judgement by the owners. To see the condition of the field in poor shape and have the players field on it is horrible. If the owners want to make a quick buck in between games and the field gets torn up, shouldn't they shoulder the load and fix it? @mchylang @jeff4122 does this make sense to you guys, or am I thinking too deep here?
Yes. Def not a smart move. But AC/DC should have been more responsible as well....The Cubs are still in season and they should have respected the field, the fans, and the Cubs organization
Sadly, I think AC/DC could've cared less about the field.. more focused on rocking out like most bands, but that's why the Cubs shouldve done a better job prepping for this and protecting the team
@jokes What do you think about this issue?