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I re-discovered B.A.P on my ipod today and was blown away how amazing they were. Then I wondered what has happened to them?? I dont remember hearing anthing about them for awhile. I hope they are doing well! I send them my love and support :)
"With you"
"One Shot"
They had a dispute with their company that took a long time to work through but they have resigned with said company like a month ago. Hopefully they'll make a comeback soon, I LOVE B.A.P!
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thanks for the info! I also hope they have comeback!!
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no problem! I miss them too!
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They are supposed to make a comeback at the end of this year/beginning of next year :) But unfortunately it is with the same company hopefully they don't get hurt again. @KellyOConnor @ckienitz
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@destiny1419 thank you! I hope the same thing, I was a little upset when the went back to the same company but I guess we'll see won't we?
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