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First dates are awkward! They are full of small talk, nervous laughter and of! And on the first date there are defiantly some foods to avoid, because the whole first date vibe is already awkward enough so there is no need to add some terrible food accidents into the mix!

Wings and Ribs

The sauce gets everywhere and I don't just mean on your clothes. Picture sauce all over your face, all around the area where you might possibly want your date to kiss. Trying to eat a rib or wing while also trying to look hot is impossible so I would avoid them!

Hot Dogs

Can you say stinky ass breath!! And not only will you have terrible smelling breath but you'll get gassy and then your burps will also smell terrible. Also it is kind of creepy to watch someone eat a hot dog.

Anything to Garlicky

Pretty much for the same reason as the hot dog issue, you go on a date so that you can get to know each other which involves talking!! You don't wanna have old garlic breath wafting over your dates face.

Crab or Lobster

These require a bib which isn't sexy. Also trying to crack though all of those shells will take up all of your attention and your date will feel like their talking to the top of your head the whole time.

Corn on the Cob

Picking your teeth in front of your date isn't hot at all and it is 100% proven that you will get corn stuck in your teeth.
I love food as much as the next girl and the only way to find true love is though your stomach...but the first date is defiantly a time to focus more on what your date is saying and a lot less on what your food is doing to your body.
After the first few dates though all bets are off! You enjoy that burrito!
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I call Foolishness! I'm getting whatever I want, if she can't see me eat Ribs with hot sause running down my chin then F$!# HER! if she can't take a joke". Thats THE problem people are being fake to be accepted, if the chick I'm into has a case of bad flatulence (farts for people with GEDs)... let her fart until her halitosis azzz is content! don't avoid the subject with food she knows she will always eat. Unfair , then I'm caugt like a fish on a hook! Before long we are in the Throws of passion and then she Sh$ts the bed from the chilli with extra beans she ate for lunch! SO JUST BE YOU..if your a HELLA HOT CHICK that behaves like a Pig or Heffer thats ok guys will sex you ANYWAY!!!!!, so delete this nonsense! I expect better than this next time LIZ!!!!- try again! LMAO.
just joking @ Lizarnone I love you.:)
Scotch and french toast! then stroll to the Santa Monica pier and kiss
@itiswhatitis365 haha you are crazy!!!! don't worrrrrrry i am totally all about eating everything and anything i fact i already decided that after me and my bf go running tonight we are getting 50 cent songs YUMMMMMM hahaha its just to help the more nervous of daters for the first few dates :)
@marshalledgar not a big scotch person but i do love me some french toast