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I never considered myself the sentimental type. But maybe I am. I mean, here I am looking at, and collecting quotes that deal with love and marriage.
I don't know WHO SHE IS, but when we meet, fall in love and marry, may this be the type of thing she says when she's out with her girlfriends or when she's on the phone with her mom.
Do you have a favorite marriage or love quote?
yes. I am. @esha
this is an awesome quote. The only grade I know is the one my parents say in regard to each other, more like a term of endearment. they call each other half side. even when my mom is talking to other people she'd say, "me and my half side have been together for almost 20 years". I have always wanted not only to call someone this but to have it be as true as my parents say it. it's not dramatic like " soul mate " and not frigid like "partner", it has more of as simple depth to it.
*fraze not grade *rolls eyes*
That's really sweet @MarySEW I like what your parents call each other. It's awesome that they have made such a positive impact on you! :)