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Proof that your wedding doesn't have to cost a bazillion dollars to be stunning! Keep reading.
Gypsophila, better known as Baby's Breath, makes a glorious impact as the sole floral component for this high-style wedding by Colin Cowie Celebrations.
For the DIY bride, this could significantly cut your floral costs down to almost nothing! Now, everything else that's on your wishlist may still be pricy, but at least you can get mounds of this stuff for cheap and get it to look good.
WARNING: Depending on how much of this stuff you use and your olfactories, the smell can be unnoticeable or pungent, like a pet stain on the carpet.
Whatever you do, don't try to mask it with perfume or scented candles. You don't want to mess with the aromas of dinner! Click here for more floral ideas for your wedding!
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