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Today daily serving of shipping comes from Chanyeol and Kyungsoo (D.O) This ship to me makes so much sense just because of the fact that they have a unique relationship. And I can just picture Chanyeol always being there to cheer D.O. up when he's down and being his rock. They always fool around too and its so cute lol when D.O. gets mad. CHANSOO FOREVER!!! Sorry for Kaisoo fans out there.
I will try to do one every day. Suggestions are recommended but not required!!! :)
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@ChelseaJay lol it was a joke. Because I have sooooooo much Kyungsoo.
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@Tigerlily84 oh, I didn't notice. Sorry. LOL
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@ChelseaJay if you like chansoo, did you see the card I made. It's some of my favorite Chansoo stuff
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@Tigerlily84 no, I haven't. Could you tag me in it?
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