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He's gorgeous... And, so, my first reader x bias fic will be starring Mr. Shin Dongwoo and his preciousness. I need to get more into B1A4... This is boy x girl reader fic. I want to make a BL one in the future but we shall see. ^^ Inspired by another prompt from @shannonl5~
Going to the store was beyond a tiring experience. You rarely ever catch colds, let alone a sinus infection or whatever they said it was. Regardless, your head was spinning a bit from all the pressure in your sinuses and your eyes were even watering. For the sake of everyone you would probably come in contact with, you slipped on your face mask. You had no choice but to go out anyway to go pick up your prescription. Looking at your reflection, you honestly looked like you shouldn't even be out of the bed, and that was just your own perspective. With a sigh, you slip on your hoodie to cover up your pajama top and slip on some comfortable shoes. You didn't bother changing out of your pajamas since you only had to go a little ways down the street to the pharmacy. You could only hope that you didn't look as bad to others as you did to yourself. Reaching the store, the clerks near the door gave you a strange look. You couldn't blame them. You looked like a thief, despite your tiger print pajama pants. Ignoring the looks though, you shuffled to where the pharmacy was at the back of the store. As the pharmacist looked for your prescription, you searched the shelves to gather a few more things to help you get over your cold, such as some more face masks, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes for everything you came in contact with, etc. Your head really was spinning from how much and how fast you were moving. "This sucks," you muttered under your breath, the words followed by a cough and a sneeze that almost knocked you off of your feet. Ugh. You wanted to get back to bed so badly and just sleep the next few days since that was how long your colds usually lasted when they decided to creep up on you. Another sneeze and you did stumble. Thankfully, someone reached out to catch you. With a whine, the stranger helped you onto your feet and you quietly thanked them. You looked up and almost laughed at yourself. There was no way you were seeing what you thought you were seeing. There was no way that Shin Dongwoo, CNU, of B1A4 was right there, let alone the one that had reached out to hold you up. Your cold had to have escalated to hallucinations. He was laughing and you weren't quite sure as to why. Gosh, his smile was gorgeous so up close. "You're so handsome," you muttered in your dazed state. "Thank you," he flashed you a shy kind of smile, "Are you okay?" You didn't get a chance to answer as a slew of coughs came upon you. He furrowed his brows in concern and took the items that you were holding from you. As you looked up at the call of your name from the pharmacist, you slipped away and rushed over to get your prescription. Dongwoo looked at you and came over to your side. Your head was spinning again from moving too fast, again. This was awful and then you had this cute stranger repeatedly trying to ask you if you were okay and whatnot. It wasn't as though you could respond. Especially not with all the sneezing and coughing and trying to keep your balance getting in the way. All it took you was one more sneeze and, this time, you hit the floor. You heard voices but gave in to the comfort of the floor and closed your eyes, dozing off. Blinking your eyes open, you were definitely dazed. For some reason, you felt a lot better though. You even felt stronger and more focused. With a soft smile, you sat up and looked around you, finding that you were back in your apartment. Bed was nice. Sleep was nice. And you even had a nice dream. Dream...Dream?! You forgot to pick up your medicine! You scrambled to get out of bed and almost face-planted the floor. Even with the floor right in front of your eyes, you didn't hit it. You were assisted to sit upright and there was that same face from the store. He your home? "You really are gorgeous," you mumbled, smiling like an idiot. "Thank you," he flashed you a smile and bowed his head a bit, adjusting the way his glasses were sitting on the bridge of his nose. "Are you feeling okay? You had a pretty bad fall at the store..." As he looked on you with concern, you looked back at him in shock. That... That wasn't a dream? You'd actually gone into the store and blacked out from a sneeze. This cold was really trying to ruin you. "You...How did I get home...?" "You woke back up," the handsome stranger explained, "You... You told me where you lived and I piggybacked you all the way here. Your eyes look better so the medicine you took must have helped some." He continued on, muttering about he got you to take some medicine by pretending it was a train coming into the station, how feeding you some soup was a fun task, and how you were fast asleep by the time he tucked you into bed. As sweet as it was and as thankful as you were, you couldn't help but to feel embarrassed by it all. This cutie had taken time out of his day to take care of you. "I appreciate it," you looked down shyly, resisting the urge to hide your face in your hands. "It was my pleasure. You were fun to talk to." His tone sounded like he was teasing, although it wasn't in a rude way or anything. His sweet smile made it even harder to get mad at him about it. "Has anyone ever told you that you look like CNU from B1A4," you blurted out the question, unable to stop yourself as you gazed at him. He paused and let out a quiet laugh from behind one of his hands before bowing his head, "It's nice to meet you. I'm Shin Dongwoo, CNU from B1A4." Yeah, you choked on your spit, breath, and the way your pulse sped up. You had cleared the stage of embarrassment long ago. There were absolutely no words to describe what you were feeling in that moment. You wanted to scream and faint and cry and hug him. The mix of emotions was what was making your head spin this time. "Are you okay," he rushed out the words as he reached out to help hold you up. "I...I'm okay. Thanks," you sighed, a hand covering your forehead, "I'm...I don't even know what to say. I'm so sorry that you had to waste your time taking care of me." "No, no, it's okay. I'm glad I could help you feel better," his laugh warmed you up from the inside like the soup did that he fed you in your daze earlier, "I may have to go soon though. My manager is looking for me. He didn't see me leave the store with you." "It's okay, it's okay. I'm glad you've done this much for me. You really are a great person. I really appreciate it," your words rushed out, verbally fumbling over yourself. "Here," he handed you his phone from his pocket, "Can you give me your number though before I go? I want to call you later and check in on you." Your cheeks flushed as you took his phone and entered your name and number, handing it back to him with your teeth pressing into your bottom lip. When he got up, so did you. Wrapping a sweater around your shoulders, you followed his footsteps and showed him out, thanking him again for taking the time out to take care of you. He flashed you a bright smile and waved before leaving. A few moments after you were back in bed, your phone lit up with a message: I'm in a bit of trouble for disappearing like that so I'm hiding my phone. I'll call you tomorrow though! P.S. Thanks for taking some pictures with me! ♡ Attached to the message were a few photos that he took with you in your dazed state. You flopped out on the bed, shutting your eyes tightly in embarrassment. This was a weird start to a very promising relationship.
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so adorable
Aww! That was good!
Tag me in!!! This was really cute!!! I hope to read more.
@shannonl5 You really think so?! That makes me happy! :D
I LOVE THIS!! This is the perfect response to that prompt ^_^
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